Kentucky Blue Ribbon Pies and Cakes, Tracey’s Baking Story

Today we feature the story of a home baker from Ashland, Kentucky who had to give up her bakery, but knows that God is good through it all.

“When my children were younger I visited a church to possibly attend. One day (The very day) I was making the decision to either return to that church or just not. I came home to a pie on my porch from a lady that attended that very church. Needless to say on that day it made my decision easy. I still attend this church 23 years later but I’m happy to report, that I am now the Associate Pastor in Music Ministry there.

I own a bakery called Kentucky Blue Ribbon Pies and Cakes. It has since closed as my overhead became too much, and cost of goods had increased. My point to this letter is, I researched the Pie on my porch to see where it came from and let me tell you GOD IS GOOD! The pie came from the very bakery I had purchased, “KENTUCKY BLUE RIBBON”!

God used that pie to one, get me in church and two, to serve Him and others. My prayer is that the Senate passes this bill to make stories like mine continue. I would love to bake again as my former customers contact me a lot asking. Please see some pictures below of my love for baking.”

In His Grip,
Tracey Lobaldo

Kentucky Home Baker from Ashland, KY

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