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On January 29th House Bill 263 was filed by Representative Richard Heath! HB263 can be found HERE. We want to thank everyone who called their local legislator to voice their support of this bill! You can go to our About Us/FAQ page for details about the bill.

On February 23rd, House Bill 263 passed the Kentucky House of Representatives unanimously!

On March 21, 2018, House Bill 263 passed the Kentucky Senate unanimously! It will now become law in 11 days of the Governor’s receipt!

The original version of House Bill 263 passed in the Senate removing the committee substitute, so no inspection or registration and no fee!

On April 2, House Bill 263 was signed by Governor Matt Bevin! Congratulations Kentucky Home Bakers! This law will take effect July 14, 2018!

We are excited to see this outdated law changed. Why should it be a crime for grandma’s in Kentucky to sell their cookies to neighbors?

Read House Bill 263

Thank you to everyone who supported House Bill 263!

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