A Mom With A Dream, Rachel’s Story

Today we feature the personal story of a home baker from Kentucky named Rachel. This is Rachel’s story in her own words.

“I moved to Kentucky just three years ago with my (then) boyfriend, who works on the river, with the dream to establish some cake business and open up a bakery. I have been overwhelmed with the support in the little town and my cake business quickly grew. I got a day job at the local bank, and spent my hours at night and on the weekends making cakes to fill orders.

We got married and were planning to move forward with a bakery, when I got pregnant. We live ten hours away from family and cannot afford child care on one income while trying to start a business as well. Even if we could somehow swing it, it is our personal preference for me to raise our children myself. I continued to make cakes out of my home until business got too big.

Word started spreading and I became nervous to expand too much because of the current laws. I have a true passion for this work and need a source of income to help provide for our growing family from inside my home. I have tried direct sales but don’t make nearly what I would with my cake business.”

By: Rachel, home baker from Kentucky

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