An Update About Our Meeting. What Can You Do To Help?

Today we had a private meeting with Representative Heath and a consultant from the Kentucky Health Department’s Food Safety Branch. We talked about ways we can work together to see a cottage food law for home bakers who are not farmers.

Overall it was a great meeting. It will take some time to get any type of law passed. We are just in the beginning stages of talks and how we can all work together to come up with a bill. We want a bill that not only allows home bakers, but a bill that also keeps the public safe. We are asking to follow the rules, and to be legal businesses.

We also learned that the meeting set for August 29th will still be held. Only one person will be speaking at that meeting. We do still plan to attend and support this woman, and hear what she has to say. This is still a very important meeting because they will possibly be hearing about what we want for the first time.

What we still need from you is your support! The more people who come forward and share a story, or contact their legislator the better. YOU are the key to all of this. You have to be vocal and show your support! You can email us your story, sign and share our petition, or contact your local legislator and tell them you want to bake from home!

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