The Kentucky House of Representatives and HB 263

The Kentucky State Capitol. It’s beautiful inside as well!

This week I and other Kentucky Home Bakers went to Frankfort, KY to be there when the house voted on House Bill 263. First, we had a great group show up on Tuesday. I drove for 4 hours from Paducah to attend. Our home bakers gave cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops to be passed out by the house pages, and then we all patiently waited for the house chamber to begin.

All the delicious home baked treats ready to be passed out to representatives.
Our Kentucky Home Bakers patiently waiting on Tuesday for the House Chambers to begin.

A few minutes after the proceedings began the house went to a recess. Our group was then informed that all bills on consent order would be postponed until Friday of this week. Sadly, I drove 4 hours home with no vote.

Beautiful cookies made by Cookies by Charity of Lexington

Today, February 23, 2018 at 9 a.m. Eastern time the Kentucky House chamber began. We had several home bakers attend in person, and we also had bakers watching it live on KET. I was one of them watching it live. Our bill was on consent order and those bills are voted on first. I am extremely happy to say that House Bill 263 passed the Kentucky House and will now be going to the senate!

Our group of Kentucky Home Bakers with Rep. Richard Heath who sponsored the bill, and his lovely wife. February 23, 2018

I am so thankful to the ladies who could attend the vote today! I am also thankful to everyone who is sharing our posts and spreading the word. And for the people who are letting the lawmakers know that it is time for change! Contact your local Kentucky Senators today and let them know you support House Bill 263!

As the photo states, HB 263 will now head over to the senate committee to be voted on and after that go to the senate floor for a vote. When the bill passes all of those steps, then it can go on to be signed by the Governor! We are all patiently waiting in this very exciting process!

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