Limitations on Certain Home-Based Processing

You may read the full text HERE. Please note that our website caters to home-based processors. 
You will need to read the full text to find information on home-based microprocessing.
A home-based processor may produce: Foods listed in KRS 217.015(56):
The following items shall NOT be processed or offered for sale by a home-based processor or home-based microprocessor:

Standards for Home-based Processing

A home-based processor shall maintain basic hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitation while producing home-based processor products and shall comply with the standards established in paragraphs (a) through (f) of this subsection during production, packaging, and handling of products for sale. The home-based processor shall:
A home-based processor doing business in the state shall be a resident of Kentucky.
A home-based processor may advertise and accept orders and payments in person, electronically, or via the internet or phone.
A home-based processor shall provide all home-based processed foods direct to the consumer through pick-up or delivery, and at flea markets, farmers markets, festivals, county fairs, craft fairs, and non-profit charity events, or a roadside stand.
Home-based processed food products shall:
A home-based processor shall not be required to have grown a primary ingredient for each of their products produced.
Beginning January 1, 2020, a home-based processor shall register with the Department for Public Health, Food Safety Branch. A home-based processor shall submit:
(a) A DFS-250 Application for Home-based Processor, available from the Kentucky Food
Safety Branch or at University of Kentucky Extension Service Office; and
(b) A fifty (50) dollar registration fee.
The home-based processor registration shall be valid for one (1) year. A home-based processor registration shall expire March 31 of each year and is renewable upon submission of a DFS-250 and accompanied by an annual fee of fifty (50) dollars.
Inspection of a home-based processor facility shall be made upon complaint, utilizing the DFS-252, Home-based Processor/Microprocessor Inspection Report.