High Barrier To Entry, Even As A Farmer – Emily’s Baking Story

Today we feature the story of a farmer. This is Emily’s story in her own words.

“Dear Kentucky State Lawmakers,

I am Two Sisters Fudge, a small entity that followed all the rules for a few dollars per pound in profit. I am Kentucky Proud and yet that doesn’t describe my story.

I wanted a way for my girls to earn money for college so we started making fudge. We searched the area for a commercial kitchen. Our only options were $250 per month in Louisville – a 30 minute commute or a small ill equipped ancient community kitchen in LaGrange, we were still paying for.

We couldn’t use the enormous gas burners that we were told to light just right or they would blow up. So we had to bring in everything, even our own burners. Imagine hauling your own kitchenware and kitchen-aid beater and burners to another kitchen that is much filthier than yours and hauling it all back home. And as a side note there are only two health inspectors for our area right now that are very over worked and unable to answer questions conveniently. All to make a few bucks so we can sell at the local farmers market.

The irony here is that we are also a farm. Diamond Family Farm. We are ‘Kentucky Proud’ and sell lamb and beef. When we looked into making fudge we were told we could do it at home if we grew something to go in it. The only thing we had was butter from our cows that weren’t certified at the time and Walnuts from our trees. We looked into harvesting our own Walnuts and found it to be a pricey venture with people that would do it only if you had hundreds pounds or more (shelled). Here’s the kicker. Whether or not I could use my kitchen was not based on my cleanliness or kitchen abilities. It was based on Walnuts from my farm. That was the deciding factor.

I ask that you change these laws that are so limiting to small producers and allow us to make a living in our small ways. Other states have cottage laws. Let’s be sensible and really be Kentucky Proud. Thank you.”

Emily Diamond , Baker from Kentucky

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