A Tribute, And An Update

When I was growing up in Paducah, Kentucky, at every birthday we always had amazing cakes that my mom bought from a local baker. It was the 80’s, and long before Food Network and shows like Ace of Cakes. Our little town had a local cake decorator named Fern Hamblin. Her little cake business was called Fern’s Frosting and she was located in Reidland, KY.

I remember so many of her cakes, and remember being so amazed by them at a young age. The one that stands out the most was a hamburger cake that she made for my aunt’s birthday. Of course back then I never knew I’d grow up to be a cake decorator, but Fern and her cakes left a huge impact on me!

Now there is a scholarship in her name at WKCTC:

Fern Hamblin Memorial Scholarship The family of the late Fern Hamblin of Paducah established the Fern Hamblin Memorial Scholarship. Mrs. Hamblin was the owner of Fern’s Frosting in Reidland, where for more than 30 years she made wedding and all-occasion cakes. The scholarship is designated for students of the College’s culinary arts program.


I know working on the cottage food law is exciting, and we live in an instant world. Currently in Kentucky lawmakers are working on pensions, and that has taken the forefront. I have been told that Representative Heath will have more time to focus on helping us once the next session starts in January 2018.

For now, our biggest concern should be alerting our local legislators of what a cottage food law is. Just because we are aware, doesn’t mean anyone else is. When the Agriculture Committee heard the issue last month, that was the first time a lot of the members had even heard about this issue.

Raising awareness is key, and so is the support of everyone. When a bill is drafted and brought up to be voted on we want lawmakers to be informed!

If you haven’t sent us your story, we’d love to share it! This is only successful if we all join together. You can email your personal experience with home baking in Kentucky or even other states to: KentuckyHomeBakers@gmail.com

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